About SWI


Started in 2003 and refounded in 2011, Shineworld Innovations Limited (SWI) is a China-based provider of display screens and the custom display solutions. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the latest in state of the display technology that can be utilized in almost any environment resulting in advanced viewing experiences. We continually develop this technology while remaining a responsible, sustainable company, fully committed to the well-being of our employees and community.

With the pioneering technical team and sophisticated manufacturing facilities, SWI’s products, solutions and services are both competitive and quality. At SWI, innovation focuses on customer needs. We keep investing in new technologies, concentrating on technological breakthroughs that drive the display industry forward.


With a wide range of standard and customized display products including LCM, TFT, OLED, Micro LED, EPD and CTP, as well as direct bonding services, SWI provides customers the specific and integrated solutions and technologies best suited for the applications.

Our technology has been applied to a wide range of industries including consuming products, portable devices, financial devices, energy meter equipment, check-in machines, fiscal processors, wearable devices/body cams, intelligent home solutions, medical facilities and industrial equipment.

As the end users’ expectation increase on the display appearance and durability, direct bonding is becoming more and more common. SWI provides direct bonding processing services for touch panel products, LCD displays, glass cover plates or any types of customer supplied display materials in various sizes of 0.2“ to 110“. This provides customers with the flexibility to optically bond a wide array of display applications. We create value for our customers. Together with our suppliers and partners, we provide our customers with innovative and quality products, as well as the thoughtful services. We provide dedicated people with a strong growth platform. We keep inspiring dedication of employees. We make it a point to be a responsible, sustainable company that provides a bright future for employees, shareholders, and the communities we touch.


Externally, we rely on our customers. They are at the center of everything we do, and we create value for them with innovative products. Internally, we rely on our dedicated employees. Dedication is a core part of our work ethic. At SWI, those who contribute more get more.

We work with stakeholders including distributors, suppliers, partners, industry organizations and research institutes all over the world to facililate an integrated group that thrives on shared success.



We respect fair and honest business practices, and maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. As a responsible corporate citizen, we actively get involved in local communities and promote the sustainable development of both society and the environment.


We are passionate about the success of every endeavor we undertake. We show pride, enthusiasm, and make every effort to meet our customer’s (and our own) expectations. We never stop paying attention to critical details and challenging ourselves, and are committed to always being a benchmark for the competition.


We are active listeners and contributors, both internally and externally. We encourage dialog with employees, shareholders, and partners, and we continually collaborate with customers to improve our services and products.


We feel a team-based approach works best, for all engagements. Effective teamwork demands strong relationships, respect, and diversity of thought from all contributors, and we foster an environment where those are stimulated.


We proactively anticipate future trends, and continually stay abreast of customer needs. We generate new value through inspired design of our products, services, and experiences. Continuous improvement and strengthening our core competencies are a permanent part of our corporate culture.


In the end, we’re here to serve customers, and they receive our unwavering focus. We also continually communicate with those we serve, encouraging feedback on how we can better meet their needs and expectations. This helps guide our priorities and methodology.